Gold Coins of the World - From Ancient Times to Present - 9th Edition (Hardcover)

Gold Coins of the World - From Ancient Times to Present - 9th Edition (Hardcover)
Gold Coins of the World - From Ancient Times to Present - 9th Edition (Hardcover)
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Now, bigger and more complete than ever! The ninth edition expands on its predecessor, digging more deeply into new areas of collector interest, and expanding many sections. It includes a complete revision of the coinage of the Ottoman Empire, and adds many new discoveries for dozens of countries.

From the 384 pages of the 1958 edition, the work has expanded to 832 pages, which have been completely revised and updated. The authors have listed more than 22,000 coin types, which are illustrated with more than 8,500 photos—nearly all of them new to this edition. Each country’s section includes tables of weight and fineness, and market valuations are provided in two states of preservation. Many of the prices, especially for great rarities and coins in higher grades, have at least doubled. In fact, as collectors recognise the scarcity of coins in the highest states of preservation, the premium for such coins relative to lower-graded ones is escalating beyond traditional proportions.

The coinage of India and the Islamic world, long dismissed by western collectors as difficult to decipher, unimportant, and lacking in value, is now the subject of intense interest, and has shown some of the most dramatic increases of all. The reader will also find a useful directory of the world’s leading gold-coin dealers and auction houses.

For the numismatist, banker, economist, historian, or institution of higher learning, the ninth edition of Gold Coins of the World is a book for every library, public and private.

This indispensable classic includes:

  • 832 pages, completely revised and updated.
  • More than 8,000 photos, nearly all of them new.
  • 22,000+ listings of coin types, with sections expanded and many new discoveries.
  • From the 6th century B.C. to date — over 2,500 years of gold coinage from ancient Greece to Zanzibar.
  • The universally-used FriedbergTM Numbering System: The world’s standard method of cataloging, describing, buying and selling gold coins.
  • Contemporary (Post-1950) coinage now integrated in alphabetical order with all other issues.
  • Tables of weight and fineness with each country. Market valuations in two states of preservation.
  • A directory of the world’s leading gold coin dealers and auction houses.
  • Unsurpassed in content and scope.
  • A must for every collector, dealer and library.
  • Hardcover, sewn binding. 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches (A4).
Product Information
Author Arthur L. Friedberg & Ira S. Friedberg
Edition 9th
Format Hardcover
ISBN 978-087184-309-8
Pages 832
Published 2017
Publisher The Coin and Currency Institute

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