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"5 in 1" Pocket Magnifier 2.5X 10X LED - Mini Pen - Lighthouse 339919
Two aspheric lenses made of acrylic glass ensure a high quality of image. Lens size: 30 x 37 mm (lar..
AU$21.95 AU$15.95
Ex Tax: AU$14.50
"6 in 1" Pocket Magnifier 15x 10x 3x magnification LED & UV Light - Lighthouse 344177
Handy, multifunctional magnifier complete with practical LED microscope (15x magnification) to exami..
AU$26.95 AU$22.95
Ex Tax: AU$20.86
'LOOK' LED Magnifier Set 2.5X 3X 10X LUSET1  - Lighthouse 346665
This set of magnifiers brings together 3 of the most popular magnifiers in an optimal combination, s..
AU$43.95 AU$35.95
Ex Tax: AU$32.68
12-Set D6 White Dice with Black Large Numbering - ULTRA PRO 84617
Keep track of life, points, and your rolls with this set of twelve 15mm 6-Sided dice. This set com..
AU$14.99 AU$12.50
Ex Tax: AU$11.36
1980 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Australian
Contains Six 1980 Australian uncirculated coins.   Nominal Specifications MetalBronz..
AU$15.00 AU$12.95
Ex Tax: AU$11.77
1980 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Double Bar 50c Australian
1980 Royal Australian Mint coin set containing "Double Bar" 50c Uncirculated Coin.  Nominal Sp..
AU$22.00 AU$16.95
Ex Tax: AU$15.41
1981 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Australian
Contains Six 1981 Australian uncirculated coins.  Nominal Specifications MetalBronzeCupro..
AU$12.00 AU$10.95
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
1982 Commonwealth Games Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Australian
Contains Six 1982 Australian uncirculated coins including Commemorative Commonwealth Games 50c. &nb..
AU$12.00 AU$7.95
Ex Tax: AU$7.23
1989 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Australian
Contains eight 1989 Australian uncirculated coins      Nominal Specifications ..
AU$45.00 AU$32.95
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
1990 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Australian
Contains eight 1990 Australian uncirculated coins    Nominal Specifications MetalBr..
AU$100.00 AU$59.95
Ex Tax: AU$54.50
1992 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Barcelona Olympic Games
Contains Six 1992 Australian uncirculated coins.   Features: 1992 $1 Barcelona Olympic Games ..
AU$70.00 AU$52.95
Ex Tax: AU$48.14
1994 Gumnut Baby Mint Coin Set UNC - Features Year of Family 50c
Six 1994 uncirculated coins. Contains commemorative Year of the Family 50c "Narrow Date"  Nom..
AU$60.00 AU$42.95
Ex Tax: AU$39.05
1995 Mint Coin Set Uncirculated - Weary Dunlop
Contains Six 1995 Australian uncirculated coins - Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the end ..
AU$55.00 AU$39.95
Ex Tax: AU$36.32
1995 Weary Dunlop Stamp and 50c Coin Cover - End of WWII Anniversary - PNC
Postmarked 20th April 1995.   Features: Commemorative Weary Dunlop 50c   ..
AU$25.00 AU$19.95
Ex Tax: AU$18.14
1997 Sir Donald Bradman Stamp and $5 Coin Cover - PNC
Postmarked 23rd January 1997.   Features: Commemorative Sir Donald Bradman $5 Bimeta..
AU$30.00 AU$19.95
Ex Tax: AU$18.14

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