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Products with a lead time e.g. 3 - 5 Working Days to Order are subject to distributors stock level. We will notify of delays but feel free to contact us for an update. Please note lead time for ultra pro products is currently 14 days if distributor has stock.


The Australian distributor of Ultra Pro is out of stock of some products lines, particularly their one-touch products due to the impact of COVID-19 on product production. Latest update from distributor we can expect backordered stock between late July and early September depending on the product.

COVID-19 Impact

In general it's business as usual here. Stock supplies are an issue with many suppiers/manufacturers shutting down their operations or delays in services due to remote operations and other changes to their business.

International service delivery timeframes will vary due to limited air capacity and flight cancellations. Where necessary, alternative routing by sea mail for parcels will be used. Australia Post anticipate that some delays and/or changes will impact all countries where services are not suspended. Please view the below link on this page for a list of impacted countries.

Coronavirus: International shipping updates

Domestic services have been delayed in some cases but in general have be timely.

Manufacturers & Publishers

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