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2016 NIUE $1 Rats Of Tobruk Coin & Medal Pack
Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Siege of Tobruk, the 'Rats of Tobruk' silver-plated limite..
AU$49.95 AU$42.95
Ex Tax: AU$39.05
2017 Niue $2 MEGALODON SHARK High Relief 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon) meaning "big tooth", from Ancient Greek. Is an extinct species of..
Ex Tax: AU$126.36
2017 Niue $2 Roswell Incident UFO-Shaped Silver Coin
70 years ago, an unidentified flying object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The Art Mint this new ..
Ex Tax: AU$262.73
2018 Niue $1 Imperial Desk Clock - Fabergé Art 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Fabergé art is a symbol of extravagance and sheer luxury. The gamut of masterpieces marked with the ..
Ex Tax: AU$162.73
2018 Niue $1 IMPRESSION SUNRISE Claude Monet 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Claude Monet is considered the greatest of the Impressionists. In his work, he consistently focused ..
Ex Tax: AU$186.36
2018 Niue $1 Star Trek Original Series - Captain Kirk 5g Silver Coin Note & Collector's Album
This first striking 5g pure silver coin note in the Star Trek Original Series Collection features ..
AU$59.00 AU$49.00
Ex Tax: AU$44.55
2018 Niue $1 Star Wars: A New Hope - Luke Skywalker™ 5g Silver Coin Note & Collector's Album
This first striking 5g pure silver coin note in the Star Wars: A New Hope Collection features coll..
AU$59.00 AU$49.00
Ex Tax: AU$44.55
2018 Niue $1 YEAR OF THE DOG - Paw - Christening Gift Silver Coin
Our lovely children’s coin will be a perfect gift for all young collectors born in the Year of the..
Ex Tax: AU$180.91
2018 Niue $2 Disney with Love 1oz Coloured Silver Proof Coin
Certain to make any Disney fan smile, this unique heart-shaped Disney Love coin features long-time..
Ex Tax: AU$102.27
2018 Niue $2 Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary 1oz Silver Coin
This limited edition coin celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park which was released in J..
Ex Tax: AU$103.64
2018 Niue $2 Space Invaders 40th Anniversary 1oz Silver Lenticular Coin
The release of this 1oz fine silver Lenticular proof, Space Invaders themed, coin is timed to coin..
Ex Tax: AU$113.64
2018 Niue $2 Toy Story - Woody 1oz Coloured Silver Coin
The Toy Story – Woody 1oz Silver Coin shows a full-colour image of Disney•Pixar's loyal cowboy, Sh..
Ex Tax: AU$104.55
2018 Niue $5 Star Wars Death Star Ultra High Relief 2oz Silver Coin
The Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death StarTM, features on this Ultra High Relief 2oz fine silver c..
AU$240.00 AU$235.00
Ex Tax: AU$213.64
2019 Niue $1 Australia at Night Kangaroo 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin
The Kangaroo Australia at Night 2019 $1 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin features the Red Kangaroo graz..
AU$169.00 AU$165.00
Ex Tax: AU$150.00

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