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2017 Mongolia 1000 Togrog SABLE Martes Zibellina 0.5g Gold Proof Coin
Back to the roots – with its eight iteration, the immensely popular and often imitated Mongolian Wil..
Ex Tax: AU$71.82
2017 Mongolia 500 Togrog BUTTERFLIES in 3D Silver Proof Coin
The incomparable «Exotic Butterflies» coins have enchanted collectors since 2011. The seventh and fi..
Ex Tax: AU$126.36
2018 Mongolia 100 Togrog - Lunar Year of the Dog Silver Note
In February 2017, CIT presented the first legal tender silver notes series «Skyline Dollars» (see re..
Ex Tax: AU$45.41
2018 Mongolia 1000Tg CHE GUEVARA 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Iconic revolutionary Che Guevara was undoubtedly one of the most significant and recognizable person..
Ex Tax: AU$135.45
2018 Mongolia 2000Tg Shakyamuni Buddha Gilded 3oz Silver BU Coin
One of the most imposing Buddha coins ever minted, CIT’s Shakyamuni Buddha weighs three ounces and m..
Ex Tax: AU$453.64
2018 Mongolia 2000Tg Velociraptor 3oz Silver Prooflike Coin
Mongolian coin series are notoriously rare and sought after. In 2015 CIT launched the iconic Evoluti..
Ex Tax: AU$362.73
2018 Mongolia 500 Togrog WILD BOAR – SUS SCROFA 1oz Silver Antique Finish Coin
One of the most iconic CIT collections is the Mongolian Wildlife Protection series launched in 2007...
Ex Tax: AU$180.91
2019 Mongolia 100 Togrog - Lunar Year of the PIG Silver Note
Mongolian lunar year issues are still rare and sought after. Beginning in 2016 with the Year of the ..
Ex Tax: AU$45.41
2019 Mongolia 1000Tg Karl Marx 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Karl Marx represents the fifth issue of CIT’s “Revolutionaries” series issued annually at the World ..
Ex Tax: AU$126.36
2019 Mongolia 2000T Protoceratops Andrewsi 3oz Silver Proof Coin
Locked in an eternal battle – one of the world’s most significant and famous fossils shows a Velocir..
Ex Tax: AU$340.91
2019 Mongolia 500 Togrog Gobi Bear 1oz Silver Antique Finish Coin
One of CIT’s most popular series is the Mongolian issued Wildlife Protection that started a design t..
Ex Tax: AU$180.91
2019 Mongolia 500 Togrog Woodland Spirits Rabbit 1oz Silver Proof - Bonus Case
Protagonists of countless fairytales, cartoons and children’s stories, fox and bunny are beloved c..
Ex Tax: AU$117.27

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