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2013 Tristan da Cunha £5 John F Kennedy 1/10oz Platinum Proof Coin
This 1/10oz proof was issued in 2013 in tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of US P..
Ex Tax: AU$359.09
2016 Mexico $1 Santa Muerte Libertad Ruthenium Plated 1oz Silver BU Coin
Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte or, colloquially, Santa Muerte, is a female deity worshipped prima..
Ex Tax: AU$108.18
2017 Fiji 50c Marvel Captain America Light-Ups™ Coin
This amazing 99.9 silver clad base metal coin features in vibrant colour, the indestructible Captain..
Ex Tax: AU$31.82
2017 Fiji 50c Marvel Iron Man Light-Ups™ Coin
This amazing 99.9 silver clad base metal coloured coin features the Golden Avenger Iron Man, Tony St..
Ex Tax: AU$31.82
2017 Niue $2 MEGALODON SHARK High Relief 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon) meaning "big tooth", from Ancient Greek. Is an extinct species of..
Ex Tax: AU$126.36
2018 $25 HM Bark Endeavour Mother of Pearl 5oz Silver Proof Coin
This massive 5oz Pure Silver Proof coin is part of the “Mother of Pearl” series and is dedicated to ..
Ex Tax: AU$544.55
2018 Cook Islands $10 Shield of Athena 2oz High Relief Silver Coin
This striking coin struck from 2oz 0.999 Silver is the second issue in the “Mythology” series, dedic..
Ex Tax: AU$268.18
2018 Fiji $2 Marvel Avengers Infinity War Thanos 2oz Antiqued Silver Coin
This exciting new antiqued coin struck from 2oz of 99.9% pure silver, depicts Thanos, the lead villa..
AU$219.00 AU$199.00
Ex Tax: AU$180.91
2018 Palau $5 Lunar Year of Dog 1oz UHR Silver Proof Coin
This stunning 35mm Palau $5 legal tender "Year of the Dog" coin features the German Shepherd also kn..
Ex Tax: AU$117.27
2018 Tanzania 1500 Shillings Chimera 2oz Ultra High Relief Silver Coin
This striking coin struck from 2oz 0.999 Silver is the first issue in the new “Mythological Animals”..
Ex Tax: AU$268.18
2019 Barbados $1 DC BATMAN Glow in the Dark BAT SIGNAL Proof Silver Coin
The coin design mimics a comic book splash page with its engraved rendition of the Bat Signal shinin..
Ex Tax: AU$86.36
2019 Barbados $5 ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket Ball-Shaped 1oz Silver Proof-like Coin
Officially Licensed ICC coin in 99.9% silver. Depicting the shape of a one-day cricket ball and stru..
Ex Tax: AU$180.91
2019 Fiji $1 Captain America 10g Silver Proof Domed Shield Coin
Captain America is known as one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. First appearing o..
Ex Tax: AU$59.09
2019 Fiji $1 Captain Marvel 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Celebrate the Marvel cinematic universe with something truly iconic. This story is based around the ..
AU$154.00 AU$149.00
Ex Tax: AU$135.45
2019 Fiji $1 Monuments by Moonlight - Stonehenge High Relief 1oz Silver Coin
The first in a 3 coin series that feature some of the world's greatest monuments under moonlight..
Ex Tax: AU$131.82

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