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Coin Invest Trust

Founded in 1970, the Coin Invest Trus is a highly reputable and trusted enterprise in the Worldwide coin market.

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2016 Cook Islands $2 TAMDAKHT METEORITE STRIKE 1/2oz Silver Antique Finish Coin
Just a few years ago sticking a piece of a meteorite onto a coin was considered innovative. These da..
Ex Tax: AU$135.45
2016 Cook Islands $20 BREXIT Coloured Gold Proof Coin
In a historic vote on June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union. The ste..
AU$499.00 AU$420.00
Ex Tax: AU$381.82
2016 Cook Islands $25 DENALI 7 Summits 5oz Silver BU Coin
The seven summits are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents and enthralling subjects..
Ex Tax: AU$586.36
2016 Cook Islands $5 BREXIT Gold Proof Coin
In a historic vote on June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union. The ste..
AU$89.00 AU$79.00
Ex Tax: AU$71.82
2016 Cook Islands $5 WASP SPIDER 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Magnificent life can be found anywhere – in tropical rainforests, remote deserts or in one’s own bac..
Ex Tax: AU$135.45
2016 Palau $1 500 Years Bavarian Purity Law 2.5g Silver Proof-Like Bottlecap Coin
The Bavarian purity law was enacted by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria on 23rd April 1516. It not only re..
Ex Tax: AU$90.00
2016 Palau $1 GOLDEN SKULL 0.5g Gold BU Coin
It doesn’t have to be cute and cuddly every time and this CIT issue is far from it. The Golden Skull..
Ex Tax: AU$90.00
2017 Cook Islands $1 CHERRY BLOSSOM SNOW GLOBE Silver Coin
CIT excels at innovative ideas and creating outstanding modern numismatic collectibles in a quite li..
Ex Tax: AU$90.00
2017 Cook Islands $1 Skyline - SYDNEY Silver Proof-like Note
Yet every so often, even those that expect the unexpected are astonished by what comes next. In this..
Ex Tax: AU$45.41
2017 Cook Islands $5 COBRA 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Already in its third year, the Magnificent Life collection featured a brilliant male peacock in 2015..
Ex Tax: AU$135.45
2017 Cook Islands $5 REMEMBRANCE POPPY 1oz Silver Proof-like Coin
Red remembrance poppies are frequently displayed in Anglo-Saxon culture to commemorate fallen soldie..
Ex Tax: AU$208.18
2017 Cook Islands $5 Scarab Set 1oz Silver Proof Coin Trio
Sometimes finding outstanding coins among the myriad of yearly releases can be a daunting process. N..
Ex Tax: AU$453.64
2017 Mongolia 1000 Togrog SABLE Martes Zibellina 0.5g Gold Proof Coin
Back to the roots – with its eight iteration, the immensely popular and often imitated Mongolian Wil..
Ex Tax: AU$71.82
2017 Mongolia 500 Togrog BUTTERFLIES in 3D Silver Proof Coin
The incomparable «Exotic Butterflies» coins have enchanted collectors since 2011. The seventh and fi..
Ex Tax: AU$126.36
2017 Palau $1 GOLDEN PIRATE SKULL 0.5g Gold BU Coin
Following the overall surge in popularity in skull designs and the huge success of the Skull No1 coi..
Ex Tax: AU$90.00

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