• 2021 Commonwealth & British Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1970 - Hardcover - Stanley Gibbons

This Stanley Gibbons comprehensive catalogue covers Great Britain, Commonwealth and Empire countries 1840-1970. The listings include variations in watermark, perforation, paper and printing methods, major shades, watermark varieties, important plate flaws, errors, government telegraph stamps and booklets (all listed and priced).

  • The authoritative reference source for GB and Commonwealth information – all stamps from 1840-1970 listed and priced.
  • To help readers avoid buying forgeries or fakes, or stamps with forged postmarks, there is helpful information on their identification.
  • Strengthened, casebound binding for extra durability.
  • Unique listing by SG number.
  • Full colour illustrations.
  • Invaluable six-page article on stamp condition.
  • Helpful guide to valuing stamps on commercial cover up to 1945.
  • Prices have once again been revised from cover to cover. The market for fine Commonwealth stamps remains strong, with increases in most sections, some of them quite substantial (South Australia 68c is up from £20,000 to £50,000!). Areas of particular strength include Australia and Papua, India and States, and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth definitives, while plate flaws and watermark varieties also see widespread price rises.
  • Whether you are an active buyer of Commonwealth stamps or a dealer, it is vital to be right up to date with this very active market – and there is no more up-to-date reference than the 2021 ‘Part 1’.

Important Additions To The 2021 Edition:

  • Further revisions have been made to the bi-coloured ‘Admirals’ of Rhodesia, with shades adjusted to allow easier matching with the Stanley Gibbons Colour Key and new items added to the listings.
  • The ‘NGR’ (Natal Government Railways) perfins on the stamps of the four South African provinces have been fully listed and priced.
  • Further additions have been made to the ‘Damaged frame and crown’ listings on the Edward VII key types and a new variety, the ‘Serrated edge’ has been added to the King George VI definitives of Leeward Islands and Mauritius.
  • Important new plate varieties have been added in Great Britain, Australia, British Guiana, Ireland and New Zealand, among others.
  • The telegraph stamps of Jammu and Kashmir have been rewritten, with several additions to the listings.
  • Other significant editorial improvements can be found in Burma, Indian States, Malta, Morocco Agencies, New Zealand and elsewhere.
Product Information
Author Hugh Jefferies
CountryUnited Kingdom
Edition 122th New edition
ISBN 9781911304784
Published 11th September 2019
PublisherStanley Gibbons Limited
Year 2021

2021 Commonwealth & British Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1970 - Hardcover - Stanley Gibbons

  • Manufacturer Stanley Gibbons
  • Product Code: 2813-21
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